Deb & Greg | Mt. Evans Engagement Photos | Denver Photographer


Deb & Greg are so sweet, and have such great hearts. They are both dedicated to serving the Lord through missionary trips and spreading the word of God. They stuck out long distance for two years as Greg spent time in Alaska, and just returned this past March. After finally being reunited they decided to get engaged and married all within about half a year! I was thrilled to be asked to take their engagement photos this past week at Echo Lake. They chose this location because of a few dates they’ve shared exploring this stunning location. It really blew me away, with the view of the mountains over the water to the lush forrest just around the corner. This spot has everything!

More than anything, though, I enjoyed how much fun and easy this session was. They both explained how awkward they expected the shoot to be because neither of them are comfortable in front of the camera. However, with just a few short minutes of joking around they seemingly forgot the camera was there, and it was just two well just friends exploring the sites. They were so care free, and clearly in love. It was a dream session!

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