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Weddings + Elopements are the bread and butter of my business. My profession is basically one big rom com and I love it. I love the small moments and the big ones. I love capturing fleeting moments in time, and giving people the chance to relive them over and over again. 


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You've dreamt of your wedding your whole life... now it's here. And it's time to book the perfect photographer for you

Are you asking yourself, shouldn't I be trying to sell to the masses? 
That's not me! I do not want to try to fit a round peg in a square hole. I want to make sure we are perfect for each other. What that means for me is someone who; thrilled to be getting married, wants to laugh a LOT, loves my work, and excited to roll with the inevitable challenges of a wedding day. 

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Those small, intimate, elopements in the mountains make my heart sing.


I love the big celebrations, surrounded by everyone you love. 


That new new. Check out my studio work! 


Pricing is flexible and depends on location and hours needed. Starting at $1200 for 1 hour. Most of my couples spend around $2500.

Let me help you with location, timeline, what to bring, what to wear, and everything in between. Elopements are my jam, and I've got the years of experience to show for it. Skip the stress of planning and hosting a huge wedding, and just enjoy the good stuff, oh and document it all to enjoy for a lifetime. 



Drop-Dead gorgeous photos...

Years and years of experience to share.. 

Stress-free companion to calm your nerves

Reliable editing you know you will LOVE


Starting at $3600 for 6 hours of coverage. Including printing rights, and an online gallery.

Big or small, I've seen it all! I have shot weddings for 7 years now and have seen just about every shape and size, and love them! Probably because of how unique they are, they never get old! My favorite part about capturing weddings is being able to give each couple ever lasting memories that I know they are going to cherish for decades to come.

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Second Photographer
Engagement Session
Online Gallery
Printing Rights

Online Gallery
Printing Rights

Second Photographer OR Engagement Session
Online Gallery
Printing Rights

10 hours - $7000

8 hours - $5000

6  hours - $3600

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


tripled his revenue

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"My husband hates getting pictures taken of him & yet he was so comfortable around them that he actually enjoyed having pictures taken that day...

If you are looking for a photographer to capture every important piece and more during your wedding day , Catherine is the way to go! The year of COVID-19 & destroying people’s wedding plans, Catherine was so helpful on making sure to make our day happen! We got married in Vail, Colorado & decided to camp and have a nice dinner on the mountain tops! Catherine captured every moment and detail of our small intimate mountain escape! The pictures are to die for & screams boho aesthetics with her editing and color skills."

"Catherine was simply amazing. "

Megan W.

The knot

My husband and I eloped to Colorado in September and I put all the pieces together myself rather than go through a company... BEST decision ever. 


You will never regret investing



for one of the

best days of your 



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