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Weddings + Elopements are the bread and butter of my business. But, I have recently fallen in love with studio photography. The beautiful thing is how complimentary the two can be. My brides often take boudoir photos for themselves or their partner-to-be.


You've dreamt of your wedding your whole life... now it's here. And it's time to book the perfect photographer for you

Are you asking yourself, shouldn't I be trying to sell to the masses? 
That's not me! I want you to feel the fit, and as if you're hiring a friend to tag along with you on your epic day. What that means for me is someone who is; thrilled to be getting married, wants to laugh a LOT, loves my work, and is ready to marry the love of their life!

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Those small, intimate, elopements in the mountains make my heart sing.


Boudoir is incredible for YOU, it is a transformative experience that I couldn't love more.

personal branding

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Weddings & Elopements

Pricing is flexible and depends on location and hours needed.Most of my couples spend around $5000.

Let me help you with; location, timeline, what to bring, what to wear, and everything in between. Elopements are my jam, and I've got the years of experience to show for it. Skip the stress of planning and hosting a huge wedding, and just enjoy the good stuff. Oh, and have the best photos you could imagine to look back on forever.



Amazing photos and an exceptional experience, that's what i'm selling. 

When my clients come in, they usually do not quite know what to expect. And although each individual is unique and will view the experience differently, what many women have to say after their boudoir photo shoot is the same. Clients leave feeling fulfilled and thankful that they took that step and finally booked their first boudoir photography session. 

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Personal Branding

How old is your linked in profile picture?  

Believe it or not, updated photography on your website and social media can be directly linked to how much income you generate in your small business.



You will never regret



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moments that 





"My husband hates getting pictures taken of him & yet he was so comfortable around them that he actually enjoyed having pictures taken that day...

If you are looking for a photographer to capture every important piece and more during your wedding day , Catherine is the way to go! The year of COVID-19 & destroying people’s wedding plans, Catherine was so helpful on making sure to make our day happen! We got married in Vail, Colorado & decided to camp and have a nice dinner on the mountain tops! Catherine captured every moment and detail of our small intimate mountain escape! The pictures are to die for & screams boho aesthetics with her editing and color skills."

"The best of the best.... She makes you feel like family and so special. 

Sarah G..

The knot

We only moved our dates to make sure Catherine could do that date because she was SO important to us. The wait was SO worth it and Catherine did a phenomenal job! She is so knowledgable on photography and weddings and just kills it. She can wrangle bridal parties together and everyone absolutely loved her. She makes you feel like family and so special. 


Drop-Dead gorgeous photos...

Years and years of experience to share.. 

Stress-free companion to calm your nerves

Reliable editing you know you will LOVE

the gift

Can't figure out what to gift your person the morning of the wedding? I've seen hundreds of these gift opening moments... and the best ones are hands down the boudoir album surprise. 

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