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We specializes in capturing genuine moments created on your wedding day. Capturing and telling your love story through the lens of our cameras is what we were made for.

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keeping candids the priority

Scroll through my instagram or any of my galleries and you'll notice candids cover about 90% of my work. This is not an accident. After my own wedding, years ago, I realized the most important photos to us were the candids. They hit different,  the unplanned photos of us during portraits, getting ready, and reception.
I've worked really hard to get my couples comfortable in front of the camera. I would say all but one or two of my couples have approached me explaining how 'awkward' they are in photos. But, trust me, I've got you! My process has been fine tuned over hundreds of engagement and weddings shoots and essentially full-proof. I promise you will not only love your photos, but that you will have an amazing experience along the way.

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Elopements and weddings are my bread and butter, and really where I shine. I've curated an experience that i'm proud of, and would love to tell you all about it.

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I could go on and on about how much I love my job, but that's nothing new. I'm sure most photographers love their job. What sets me apart is how passionate I am about serving my couples. Ask your married friends.. you will spent a lot of time with your photographer on  your wedding. Which is why it's so important you find a real connection with whoever you choose to capture your day.

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"Catherine is INCREDIBLE!! Her responsiveness while planning, attention to detail, and amazing skills and talent are seriously unmatched and I can’t say enough how much we loved working with her."

- Vivian | Nov 2021

"Catherine is the most professional & accommodating photographer I could have asked for."

- Jennie c | december 2020

"Catherine is the best of the best. We only moved our dates to make sure [she] could be there because she was SO important to us. "

- Sarah g | may 2021

The entire team is professional and very talented. Picking a wedding photographer is a huge choice (and investment) and I would recommend Catherine to anyone.

- Mia M | July 2021


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Ready to check photography off the never ending list of wedding to-dos? Let's talk!

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My Amazing Associates

Love my work but i'm not available? I've got GREAT news. I have a team of amazing photographers. trained to shoot in my style. From saving money to consistent editing you can rely on, I dive right into all the amazing benefits of hiring an associate.

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Let's talk about babies

I just had my first
baby in March 2021...

And let me tell you, they grow up WAY too fast. I took tons of photos on my iphone, but even as a photographer I didn't get enough professional photos. Do not miss the chance to capture these fleeting moments.


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With over 200+ weddings under my belt i've learned a TON. Book with us and you'll gain access to helpful guides, including our timeline help & engagement style guide. 

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Rocky Mountain Elopement

If eloping is on your mind then let's talk. I LOVE them. Sweeping mountain views and moments that will take your breath away; check out the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park elopement that's one for the books.

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Studio Boudoir

I love empowering women in their own skin, and I can tell you from experience  that boudoir is one of the best ways to do just that. Not only will YOU love these photos for... ever, but just imagine your groom opening up a book filled of beautiful photos of you on the morning of the wedding!

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Would I even be a photographer without A Gram?

Stay updated will all my latest shoots + my person life by following me on instagram. I promise to keep it real and weird on my stories. 

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Free wedding day timeline guidance

I get asked all the time - How much time do I need for the first look!? Or, is 30 minutes enough for the getting ready photos? Answer all your timeline questions with this free guide I created.

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